Kate Targett-Adams
Kate Targett-Adams
Contemporary harpist and singer

What if an Emcee could perform too?

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Kate's unique combination of talent and stage experience makes her a natural Emcee. Her ability to surprise the audience with multiple languages and elegant humour can make a difference to the success of your event. 

Kate Targett-Adams - EMCEE / MC / Master of Ceremonies

A Worldwide MC

With increased globalisation, today’s events need to appeal to a global audience.

The ability of speaking fluent several languages is a must-have for any professional MC. Kate’s unique combination of traveling the world performing and the experience of living for more than 12 years in Asia, makes her on an unique position to connect with any member of the audience - those from east or west.

Kate speaks fluently English, Mandarin, Spanish and Portuguese.

Kate was the emcee at PMC-Sierra’s first International Based Global Sales Conference in Shenzhen, China. She did a superb job in keeping the meeting running smoothly, the attendees energized and entertained, as well as teaching us about Chinese history and culture. I would highly recommend Kate and would not hesitate to hire her again for a future event.
— Leslie Roth, Director of Sales, PMC Sierra Worldwide
Kate Targett-Adams - EMCEE / MC / Master of Ceremonies

Stage-Graded MC

Kate’s unique experience of performing to some of the most prestigious companies or distinguish members of our society should be read as a guarantee that whatever happens, she can easily improvise and keep the audience connected with her elegant humour and kind personality.

Kate’s great poise and stage presence have made her a natural choice to emcee many of our events, attended by our high profile and select guests. We are more than happy to recommend Kate as both as an Ambassador of the Princes Trust and an experienced and talented Emcee.”
— Susie Matthews, Council Member, Prince's Trust UK
Kate Targett-Adams - EMCEE / MC / Master of Ceremonies

Corporate Training Authority

Kate’s taught hundreds of hospitality staff members how to interact with guests and provide better customer service, including clients like Wynn Palace and Mandarin.

Following the schedule and keeping track of the time is again a must-have skill that any MC should have.

Kate’s increases the bar by applying the same concepts she teaches in her corporate training to her MC work. The ability to read the audience and know what to do when the audience lost the connection with the previous speaker is more important than just following the schedule.

Kate Targett-Adams - EMCEE / MC / Master of Ceremonies

An MC and a Performer

Another way Kate can help the event to appear as a whole is to perform. Some organisers ask her to play her harp during the dinner, others prefer to have a three-song mini-concert.

All see Kate’s unique performing talent as an advantage to the event either by cutting costs by avoiding hiring a new entertainer or either as a welcome surprise. Kate’s can also learn new musics to impact even more the memories of the audience.

Katie’s ease with presenting technical topics, compering the Executive Team Q & A and entertaining the crowd with elegance and humour made her a natural choice for such a key event in our annual calendar.

Her harp and singing performance at the Awards Dinner acted as a bonus, making her a unique M.C.“
— James Cater, Vice President and General Manager for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia/CIS Netscout Arbor

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