A donation from each sale goes to Oxfam
               to help earthquake survivors.
               Thank you for your support
This CD was dedicated to helping the Survivors of the
Sichuan Earthquake in China. CDs sales and donations
during the release of this song at the British Ambassador's Residence
on June 9 2011 in Beijing, were used to donate over 200 musical instruments to primary schools in Wenchuan, Sichuan.



    On 22nd January 2010, sales raised
    through the CDs of Day by Day at Katie's concert at
    the British Ambassador's Residence in Manila,
    were donated to Oxfam to aid earthquake relief in Haiti.

    On 18 March 2011 all proceeds from Day by Day sales at
    Katie's Solo Concert, were donated to the
    Red Cross to help the victims of the Japanese earthquake.

    2009 震后题材的 MTV 即将推出

    2008 英国驻北京大使馆 "2008北京奥林匹克
    庆典" 上为英国首相高登-布朗演奏